This page is dedicated for information on local trail conditions and snowmobiling around  Tupper Lake area
Trail Conditions : 
Total Snow :
Cranberry Lake Trail conditions 
!!! Caution!!!

The local lakes haven't formed good ice with the warm weather and rain  and more snow on top of them this winter.  It is recommended to stay of the lakes as they are unpredictable. 
 The trail across Littlewolf beach is hard and good . 

The trails have 12+ inches on  new snow on top on them and it's the best riding of the season. Groomers are out everywhere when possible.
The tracks are mostly covered and have been groomed in most areas.

Trail head parking is located at the Village Park located on Washington St

Sevey's is open and gas is available 24 hrs with a credit card.

Snowmobile club vouchers can be purchased at Adirondack Machines 

This page was last updated: February 17, 2017
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Tupper Lake Snowmobile Club

Members from Paul Smiths College PSC SnowCats along with the Tupper Lake snowmobile club covered Underwood bridge last weekend.
PSC SnowCats