This page is dedicated for information on local trail conditions and snowmobiling around  Tupper Lake area
Trail Conditions :
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Cranberry Lake Trail conditions
There is a base on the ground, and some sleds have been out riding. There has been no grooming around Tupper Lake yet, so the trails are pretty rough. I heard Childwold will get their groomers out. The tracks aren't covered yet and no one is riding them.
Sleds have been crossing Littlewolf, but their is only about 4 inches of ice on it, so its not really safe to be crossing yet.

The Town of Tupper Lake purchased a 2005 Tucker last year to replace the old track truck they had.   

Trail head parking is located at the Village Park located on Washington St

Sevey's has a new store built, and gas will be available there this year.

Snowmobile vouchers can be purchased at Adirondack Machines

This page was last updated: December 16, 2014
Base :
4-6 inches 
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.5 inches
12+ inches